Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Some Music For these Current times.

So inspired or should that be incensed by some of the feed back posts on Totally Fuzzy, follow the link above. Here are some tunes that I have quickly gathered together with very little thought other than the fact that they have either an explicit (but not in a rude word way!) meaning, or perhaps are slightly esoteric. They are songs that might make some people think or at least accompany reading of articles about the current times which are happening on planet earth.

I neither condone or condemn what songs I have found just listen and think...

Imagine- Joan Baez-does what it says on the tin!
Jacobs Ladder-Chumbawumba- an anti war song
Land of Confusion-Genesis- does what it says on the tin
The Way the Wind Blows-Rush- not the Raymond Briggs story of the same name-but quite similar in message
Jerusalem Artichoke-Muslimgauze- check out : or
Policy of Truth-Depeche Mode- if only we could get the truth, truthfully !
Evil-Misty's Big Adventure- A four letter word-All things bright and beautiful, all things wise and wonderful, George Bush tried to kill them all.
Map of the Problematique-Muse read the lyrics of the second verse here:
Angels of Deception-The The-are we all being deceived?
Mourning sad Morning-Free- a song full of melancholy- which is how I feel a bit at the moment.

Just go here and be enlightened. You may need to cut and paste the whole link?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Whatever Happened to The Rockingbirds?

Thanks to Wild Man Mikey ( am now is possesion of a little bit of knowledge ( a dangerous thing.)

The Rockingbirds were one of the most underated bands of the mid 1990's. Their first album is available off but their second one is avaiable here.

It was called "Whatever happened to the Rockingbirds" and is a somewhat prophetic title. The lead singer Alan Tyler is now a bit more country than the Rockingbirds ever were, but check out his my space page here: and his own website here:

So get the LP here and go and see Alan Tyler in 2009 if you can. I know I will try!

A Happy New Year to All my Readers!

So it is Jauary 1st 2009. The music business is going into a kind of meltdown. This could be a good thing. There is so much new and old music that is easily accesed that we really do need some kind of taste police. We as individulas are that taste police. I can count on the fingers of two hands the actual records that I have bought in 2008. I even bought a double album on 12 inch vinyl! It is so tactile... the thrill of placing it on the turntable...reading the text without the aid of a magnifying glass... but the joy of dicovering new/old music is still as great... this year with the aid of Last FM and We7 websites I have been able to listen to new releases without feeling guilty about royalties to lesser known these websites are, according to reliable sources paying proper royalties to the acts featured. Indeed some can be downloaded free, admittedly with adverts (but I'm sure the clever amongst you can....)
As a musician I have some diffuculty with free downloading of unestablished artistes, so in the spirit of fuzzy, now I have the knowledge to up load I will only, " support the artists" and ask you to, "please BUY the music you like, visit concerts, buy merchandise. It's one thing to be able to discover a whole new world of music you might otherwise never have had access to, but it would be pretty stupid not to honour and value the creative genius of the people involved. So please allow everybody their fair share."

I believe in the not too distant future that when buying a concert ticket you will get the latest release from the artist as part of the package. They will give the album away with the concert ticket! But the tickets will be more expensive! £200 for Eric Clapton any body?

Any way have a good new year.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Novemeber update

Well I now have Misty's Big Adventure's new LP. Televisions People. It still has the classic MBA sound, yet is somewhat darker than previous LPs. It is available on 12" Vinyl! It IS a concept album but in a good way. We need to make sure that as my mum used to say, and still does, " Television doesn't rule our lives!"

WE saw MBA at the Manchester Acadamy, and had the pleasure of seeing Gareth play a somewhat battered Westone guitar!

The joint headliners Flipron were very good. Live they have even more charm.

Go see either band if you can. You should not be dissapointed!


Sunday, 21 September 2008

If anyone stumbles across this!

So I am currently grooving to: Misty's Big Adventure. Their first 3 albums. Solar Hi-Fi System, The Black Hole and Funny Times. I am waiting for the release of Televisions People.
Misty's are unique, but I am sure people will pigeon hole them. They are a 7/8 pice band which include Sri Erotic Volvo. a dancing loon. If you get a chance go and see them this autumn then do. They are also doing a double header with Flipron who are also unique in a different way.

Check out these links>

I am also listening to a great deal of Pink Floyd and early Genesis too, which must have something to do with my mid life crisis!